Ending therapy…

  My first SSRI for aaages. Like it says, I’ve just finished 20 weeks of therapy at Strathclyde, for social anxiety, but dealing with broader issues too. And it’s been a real uphill journey – each time I’ve thought I… Continue Reading

22 …made of this

  Yeah, so dreams don’t really offer much relief… I sometimes think if I could have less worrisome dreams, I’d be less anxious during the day… But that’s not much help. Dreams are pure weird.

21 Rise and Shine…

  Still playing with panel structures, so here’s a wee 4 panel strip. Which is a strange format to use for such a subtle and dense allusion… We’re obviously talking libido here, which is something that SSRIs are known to… Continue Reading

15 – Vortex of negative thoughts

A little late with this one today, but it’s here! I think this one kind of speaks for itself, but I should note for anyone who doesn’t know this that this is basically the root of depression. A spiral into… Continue Reading

12 – Tired much?

So Citalopram makes you yawn. I mean really yawn. I mean really yawn… It’s crazy – no matter how active or inactive I am, I get these really weird bouts of yawning that almost dislocate my jaw. I’ve noticed that when I’m… Continue Reading