27 – Getting there

  So I’m back after a fairly long break, and I thought it’d be nice to come back with something positive. I’m still anxious, I’m still avoiding some things, but over the last three or four weeks of going to… Continue Reading

23 Vicious Cycle

  First proper session of CBT this week, and we tackled the cycle of anxiety/depression/whatever. That’s it above, basically. Any of the four sectors can be the activator, and each one can lead to any other and back and forward.… Continue Reading

14 – Socialite

…and the worst about it is, I’m basically not. Usually by this point, my stomach’s in knots, and my mind’s fallen into a vortex of negative thoughts; I’m sweating, and blushing madly, and shaking. During my lost years, I’d tell… Continue Reading

The Clench

Wee bonus post for today – saw an excellent post on a Tumblr account with an image by an artist called Michael Marsicano¬†with a little definition of the word¬†TORSCHLUSSPANIK (check the link for details…). Anyway, it’s a cracking image, an… Continue Reading