3 – Admission

Please don’t call the p’lice. I’m not a knife wielding murderer, honest. It’s a visual metaphor! This is literally to most honest thing I’ve ever drawn or posted in my life, the deepest I’ve ever gone, and potentially the most self… Continue Reading

28 – Be ever vigilant

  Yeah. So keep your eyes open, be wary, and don’t get pushed off course… My planning went out the window, as did my eating plan, my exercise and pretty much everything else. Having the cold for two whole weeks… Continue Reading

27 – Getting there

  So I’m back after a fairly long break, and I thought it’d be nice to come back with something positive. I’m still anxious, I’m still avoiding some things, but over the last three or four weeks of going to… Continue Reading

25 …and the sun came out

  So this really happened, post-therapy, which was nice… 🙂 I’ve been doing diaphragmatic breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, and it seems to be really making a difference. Apparently my general day-to-day level is so strung out that it makes even… Continue Reading

Guest Post – Gill Hatcher

  I’m really pleased to show you all this latest guest post from Gill Hatcher. She’s part of Team Girl Comic  and has a Tumblr page where she’s started to post more webcomics about Trichotillomania. I’ll let Gill explain what… Continue Reading

23 Vicious Cycle

  First proper session of CBT this week, and we tackled the cycle of anxiety/depression/whatever. That’s it above, basically. Any of the four sectors can be the activator, and each one can lead to any other and back and forward.… Continue Reading

22 …made of this

  Yeah, so dreams don’t really offer much relief… I sometimes think if I could have less worrisome dreams, I’d be less anxious during the day… But that’s not much help. Dreams are pure weird.