3 – Admission

Please don’t call the p’lice. I’m not a knife wielding murderer, honest. It’s a visual metaphor! This is literally to most honest thing I’ve ever drawn or posted in my life, the deepest I’ve ever gone, and potentially the most self… Continue Reading

28 – Be ever vigilant

  Yeah. So keep your eyes open, be wary, and don’t get pushed off course… My planning went out the window, as did my eating plan, my exercise and pretty much everything else. Having the cold for two whole weeks… Continue Reading

20 – Back Together

Remember last Monday when I asked everyone to share and RT the blog so I could get to 2000 views? Well it happened really quickly, and this morning I woke to find that we’re now sitting at THREE THOUSAND! This… Continue Reading

19 Final [Dish] Crisis

  Pretty much speak for itself, I assume! So I’m interested in doing a guest post feature – I’d be stoked to receive examples of your own strips that cover the same topic, and I’ll post a monthly or fortnightly… Continue Reading

17 Thingummybob

  So, awkward moment number 34,765… I know, I know; we’ve all done it, right? ‘Cept I do it all the time. I can never remember folks’ names. Turns out anxiety causes Really Bad Memory. It’s because the anxious mind starts panicking… Continue Reading