Guest Strip – Mitch Alexander!

  No SSRI for a while… again! But I’m really proud to post the latest guest strip, this time by my boyfriend, Mitchymuss Alexander. Here he’s very openly portraying something I struggle with daily; RUMINATION (click the image to embiggen).… Continue Reading

24 Too much information

  Anyone who knows me knows I can be an opinionated prick – and those folk also know that I’m not a protester, or an activist, or someone who really gets up off my arse to campaign on things that I’m… Continue Reading

The Clench

Wee bonus post for today – saw an excellent post on a Tumblr account with an image by an artist called Michael Marsicano with a little definition of the word TORSCHLUSSPANIK (check the link for details…). Anyway, it’s a cracking image, an… Continue Reading