SEO Blogging

Using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, Google Analytics and keyword search and experience gained over four years, I carry out SEO content and blogging work for a number of clients. These are volume blogs, keyword targeted to score high on Google searches, with catchy titles to draw in visitors and engaging content to keep them reading.

I write in a variety of tones and styles, adaptable to suit your product or target audience. I'm comfortable with a formal, professional tone or a more relaxed, chatty feel. My blog posts are well-researched and authoritative, always with excellent spelling and grammar and 100% free of plagiarism - I can provide you with Copyscape reports for articles to make sure you are fully confident that all work provided is original.

I am also experienced in using keyword searching and Google tools to come up with keywords for you that can work alongside or crossover with your Adwords campaigns. I can also provide you with integrated CTAs (Calls to Action) that will guide your readers' journeys through your site with conversion as a key goal - whether you want them to buy your product, sign up to your newsletter or get in touch for a quote.

We're saturated at present with CTA websites designed with that purpose in mind and your visitors are savvy to this - they can spot a site that follows CTA guidelines to the letter and most of them will click away by the time you've asked them to scroll through heaps of teasing paragraphs and videos that claim to offer free information before they sign up. I believe the tried-and-tested method of providing your audience with compelling, engaging and informative or entertaining content will not only keep them scrolling but keep them coming back for more. Why waste the opportunity to build a relationship with your customer by putting them off with heavy-handed sales tactics?

I'll provide excellent copy and management of your SEO content for a competitive price.