You need to check this out – Ryan K. Lindsay reveals all about ‘Beautiful Canvas’

‘Beautiful Canvas’ by Ryan K. Lindsay is out in June. Check out all the info on the book here.

Ryan K. Lindsay is a grafter, having released a bunch of books across a variety of publishers in a relatively short space of time. I’ve talked about him in previous newsletters, pointing you to his Kickstarter etc, but he’s just created a page gathering together all of the various bits of press for his forthcoming Black Mask book ‘Beautiful Canvas’, drawn by Sami Kivela.

First cover of Ryan K. Linsday's book Beautiful Canvas

Beautiful Canvas issue one © Ryan K. Lindsay and Sami Kavela


Ryan’s one of those dudes who’s obviously learned from every single book he’s put out and is putting that knowledge to good use by drip-feeding new information on ‘Beautiful Canvas’ at a nice, steady rate. This approach, as well as the subject matter and previews I’ve seen, are contributing to me being incredibly excited to read it.

In fact, ‘Beautiful Canvas’ will be the first book I ever pre-order from my LCS… Ryan’s helpfully provided a pre-order form that you can take to your shop and pre-order either the first issue or the whole 4-issue miniseries and if reading through the press gets you as excited as I am, I’d suggest you do it. Black  Mask is a burgeoning label that seems to be really taking chances on new and exciting content and that description pretty much sums up Ryan and his team too, so giving them the pre-order boost is really gonna help them out.

Check out Christian Ward’s variant cover below:


Variant cover of Beautiful Canvas drawn by Christian Ward

Beautiful Canvas Christian Ward variant © Ryan K. Lindsay and Christian Ward

As a comic book creator, it’s inspiring to see folk like Lindsay really take control of their careers by publishing fantastic and varied work, but also by knowing how to work the marketing system to their advantage. I’ve got a couple more blog posts in mind about this very topic; some independent creators are absolutely killing it right now and I want to get into their heads a bit, so I’m aiming to do a few interviews.

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