Recruit Write case study

Short Description

Recruit Write is a Glasgow-based HR and Marketing consultancy that approached me to freshen up both their website and their brand identity


The Challenge

Recruit Write is a medium-sized business that offers HR and recruitment consultation as well as online SEO blogging, content creation and social media management. The CEO came to me because they had an outdated, non-responsive website that wouldn’t allow them to easily update content or have control over their own SEO. They need an online presence that matched their brand and would allow them to open up new business development streams.


Our Solution

The solution was to move her domain name from her existing hosts to a reasonably-priced hosting company that I recommended. This host is a mainstream name but is ideal if you’re looking to manage and develop a WordPress site yourself – you don’t pay much for domain transfers and hosting on their server and they leave you in peace to do the rest.

I had an in-depth discussion with the client about her needs regarding the brand and the website. She wanted two things: firstly to update the image and make it more appealing, and secondly to promote her business in a way that clearly showed Recruit Write had two distinct strands. However, she wanted to make sure that those two strands tied together in a sensible way.

I chose a one-page theme for the site that would allow for the use of bold imagery and a call to action funnel that would show viewers the various services the company offered, leading them down the page to a distinct call to action.

The site didn’t require a huge amount of content at this stage, but it was decided that we would work on the basis of more content being added over time.

A contact form was set up, with pages for each of the services, a “Meet the Team” section and testimonials from previous clients.

I then tackled the brand. The existing logo had suited the company was it was in its infancy and the CEO was a sole trader, but now that the business had grown significantly, she wanted the public face of the company to look more professional. We agreed on the idea of combining “corporate” and “fresh” – not jovial or humorous, but still retaining an inviting feel.

I chose two colours, grey and fuschia, which from experience sit well together. That allowed me the option of focusing on the company name for the logo, the colours serving to define and make distinct the “recruit” and “write” aspects of the business. To tie them together into one whole, I made the decision to flip the “i” in “write” on its horizontal axis. This simple gesture draws attention to the “i”s in each word.

Without any extra embellishment, these letters were designed to represent key aspects of the business – the “i” in “recruit” is a simplified version of the universal symbol for a person, while the upside down “i” in “write” could now represent a pen dropping ink onto a page. The client was happy with these changes, feeling that the simplicity was key and the colours would work well to take across the branding.

The two “i”s were also removed from the words and placed side by side, forming a unique square logo comprising white, grey and fuschia, which the clilent felt worked well as a logo for use on social media, business cards etc.


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