Me, You and the Divine

Reality is the dark night of the soul of the Universe; in order to understand itself, it shattered; split holographically to become every individual piece of itself. And then, having split, it panicked, grew scared.

The space between things became a gulf, a distance too far to be travelled. This is why it’s incumbent upon every living thing to work towards wholeness, and unity.

Because when a living thing becomes whole, another part of the Universe returns to itself; so that one day, the Universe may again experience itself whole, and recognise itself, and smile.

You only have to let go; you don’t have to be afraid anymore.

But you can’t just let go once; letting go has to become “letting-go-ness.”

You must sit back and watch the warring natures in yourself; you cannot stop them. Just remember that you are a third. Fear and control are the others, and they will war within you, forever. The opposite of fear is surrender, not courage. The opposite of control is freedom, or more appropriately, liberation, under will. Will to liberate yourself through surrender, in every moment.

Wholeness is achieved through this recognition, allowing yourself to become the sum of two equals: your mother and father, the battle of the sexes, if you like.

Letting go, not being afraid, in a reconciliation of opposites.

That’s what magic is for; to provide you with context when understanding comes. And when you achieve that, your initiation begins.

Three lifts up to Tiphareth, where the light of understanding begins to dawn. Then then hard work begins to look like a dance.

Letting-go-ness is a movement, rhythmic and sinuous, and you’re leading the dance for a change.

On understanding, the lightning bolt travels down from Kether to Malkuth, ready to ascend the Tree again with increased awareness. But three lifts up to Tiphareth and so, this time around, you have a head start. If you’re lucky, in your lifetime, this process will continue until you reach pure awareness and understanding.

You only have to let go; you don’t have to be afraid anymore.


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