Free podcast – Breaking Stories coming soon

Breaking Stories - free podcast

Coming Soon

Welcome to the new page for my forthcoming free podcast, Breaking Stories, which will be available on iTunes, Soundcloud and right here on the site. Release date - June 2017 (or earlier, if possible)

'Breaking Stories' is a new free podcast I'm working on which will be online in a couple of months.

I'm interviewing a number of local writers, artists and freelancers for a brand new free podcast. The topic is their favourite books. The difference is we'll be taking those stories and critiquing them within an inch of their lives. The aim is to apply academic critique to pop culture and literature. All the books (including comics and graphic novels) are fiction. They'll range from classics to modern and experimental novels and comics.

I want to see how the guests respond to those books now versus back when they originally fell in love with them. Then, once we've cast a microscopic eye over them, how they hold up.

  • Does current context change our relationship with the books?
  • Are aspects now problematic in today's world?
  • Did we forgive them their flaws because we loved them so much at the time and are we still willing to be so flexible now? 
  • Are the flaws part of the book's charm?

Nothing is perfect. Often in discovering what doesn't work, we grow to appreciate what does even more. Sometimes a book is built around its flaws, being experimental in nature. Maybe the author's intent wasn't so much to write a complete, working fiction as it was to explore the process of writing.

All of these things and more will be discussed at length as we break stories and put them back together again.

Keep watching this space for more updates!

  • If you have an idea for a book you love that you want to break apart and would like to be a guest on my forthcoming free podcast, 'Breaking Stories', you can email me with the subject line 'Breaking Stories submission'.