Forthcoming: AION

AION is the next big piece of work that's underway from Garry Mac. Semi-autobiographical and tying into his Masters dissertation,'Time Bends: Queer Temporality in Comics', AION is a complex work where the artist will attempt to put into practice ideas of 'chronotopial braiding' - connecting temporal points in the comic using techniques that go beyond the spatial plane of the page and into the superstructure or multiframe of the book. This manifests in three distinct timelines that are rendered in different styles and genres. Beyond the technical approach, AION is also a very personal work, attempting the reparation of trauma and providing a glimpse of how queer temporality can free us from the shackles of hegemonic time.

If that all feels very high falutin', here's another way to put it:

AION bends time and genres into a work of semi-autobiography that is designed to help both the creator and the reader work through the trauma of the past. It's also weird. It's coming soon. Prepare yourself.

Also forthcoming: Garry has written the foreword for 'We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology', a forthcoming book edited by Michael Richardson and Ryan Vance and published by 404Ink. It's an incredible anthology of written work by queer creators that pushes at its seams with eccentric notions of time and the pure ontological joy of owning our space and being here. Publishing 31st January 2019; available to pre-order here. Preview and panel talk taking place as part of the SQIFF film festival, info and tickets here.

Garry was also selected as one of 10 artists commissioned to make prints based on the queer times school project that took place in Summer 2018, initiated by artist and curator Jason E. Bowman. The work will visualise aspects of LGBTQIA+ experience over the last 50 years. The exhibition will run at GoMA in Glasgow between 1st Dec 2018 to 10th March 2019 and prints will be used in schools as jumping off points for conversation around queer experience. More info available here.